netVendor has sourced the best possible ways to control the cash flow at vending points for body corporate. netVendor offers a complete solution to upmarket complexes that buy their commodities in bulk and business park developments that wish to use the prepayment or AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) model.

netVendor will manage all the customers on the system on behalf of the entity or the option could be for us to set-up the system where by you manage your customers yourself. Whatever your preferred choice of set-up, netVendor will provide you a vital link into the cellular and banking industries, where you can control your cash flow at the vending points. No matter what size your organisation is, the following features will apply to you.

What does netVendor offer you?

netVendor will offer you the following no matter how big or small you are…
  • Free software upgrades
  • Management of your complete customer database
  • Management of your complete meter database
  • Entities will be able to access reports on the current status of their system, showing reports graphically, from customer purchases, to their entire reticulation system as far as the load on each phase of a transformer. (Energy Balancing)
  • Each customer will be able to access their own account and do a report specific to them detailing purchase patterns and banking charges
  • We will control each database from a central server
  • We have RAID controllers on every server with a complete server running as a backup using replication
  • We will manage all transactions on the system
  • We will give you monthly reports on customers not purchasing or change in buying pattern
  • We will do a monthly transfer to your account or your bulk suppliers account for all money received from transactions
  • We will provide the links to all the banking institutions so that payments can be made via credit card and EFT
  • We will provide the links to all the cell phone providers so that purchases can be done via cell phones
  • We will manage all merchants that sell on your behalf
  • We will give you the option of managing the system yourself
  • All links and transfers of data are encrypted
  • We will provide you the peace of mind you have been looking for in the prepayment industry
All this will be guaranteed, and we charge a small administration fee per customer registered on our system

No more worries about...

Money Collection

  • Hold-ups or cash in transit heists
  • Theft of vending equipment where the vending equipment can be used as a “ghost” vending point

All transactions are handled electronically. We will handle even the transfer of money from netVendor to you or your bulk supplier.


  • Purchasing new hardware
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Hardware compatibilities
  • Service or maintenance contractions for your hardware
  • Expensive repair bills to your equipment
  • Theft of your equipment
  • Security Modules and upgrades to security modules

netVendor will run on any computer that has access to the Internet and has no peripheral equipment.


  • Purchasing software
  • Software upgrades
  • Software compatibilities

netVendor software is centrally based on a server and can be accessed by any registered person on the netVendor system from any computer that has Internet connectivity. Any upgrade to the software will apply to all uses of the system.